One night, on returning home to her secluded cabin, she sees a young, bruised girl in the woods. She throws herself into her work from dusk to dawn, until her solitary routine is disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious child who shows up at her cabin barefoot and covered in bruises. Much like in StarClan, cats of the Place of No Stars who are forgotten by all living cats fade away to little more than ghostlike spirits, who haunt the Dark Forest. Jo and Gabe continue to trade off babysitting Ursa, quickly developing a strong, family-like bond between the three of them. Where the Forest Meets the Stars. When it finally catches up to them, all of their painful secrets will be forced into the open, and their fates will be left to the stars. About Where the Forest Meets the Stars Hardcover: 332 Pages Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (March 1, 2019) In this gorgeously stunning debut, a mysterious child teaches two strangers how to love and trust again. Gabe sells eggs from his family farm at a roadside stand. You'll enjoy Where the Forest Meets the Stars and its careful balance between the everyday life, the natural world, and the mysteries of the universe. After various social workers try and fail to receive more information from Ursa, they allow Jo to visit her in an attempt to learn more about the situation. And why aren’t Jo and Gabe checking the missing children’s website anymore? Jo offers the girl dinner. She gathers Ursa. Ursa and Jo are both hit, but Gabe is able to kill both of the men. The Lake House is a 2006 American romantic drama film directed by Alejandro Agresti, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (who had previously appeared together in the Academy Award-winning film Speed) and Christopher Plummer.It was written by David Auburn. Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah is a wonderfully heartwarming tale about the challenges that life throws our way, but how the power of love can heal all. Subscribe or feel free to browse our newsletter archives. Title: Where The Forest Meets The Stars Format: Paperback Product dimensions: 332 pages, 8.2 X 5.5 X 1 in Shipping dimensions: 332 pages, 8.2 X 5.5 X 1 in Published: 1 mars 2019 Publisher: Amazon Publishing Language: English After the loss of her mother and her own battle with breast cancer, Joanna Teale returns to her graduate research on nesting birds in rural Illinois, determined to prove that her recent hardships have not broken her. But the more time they spend together, the more questions they have. Where the Forest Meets the Stars is a fantasy, and almost paranormal novel about a young girl named Ursa Major, who must witness 5 miracles in order to return home.Filled with vivid descriptions, and enchanting magic, I was hooked from the very beginning. Glendy Vanderah’s novel is an immersive read and creative take on challenging subject matter. A splendid novel of friendship and family, trust and bravery, Where the Forest Meets the Stars is one I’ll highly recommend to interested readers. As the days pass, and Jo and Ursa spend more time together, Jo enlists the help of Gabe, a painfully shy young man who is her closest neighbor. A title that is sure to spark book club debate. Perhaps your next great read is waiting for you on this list? One night, the Jo, Gabe, and Ursa are followed most of the way home by a car after they had dinner at an out-of-the-way pizza place that was populated by tough-looking locals. In most cases, the reviews are necessarily limited to those that were available to us ahead of publication. 30 questions answered. Understandably, this may take some time. When Ursa fought back, the situation turned violent, with the two men murdering Portia. Name of the Composer 4. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Further details on how this site manages data can be found in our Privacy Policy. Where the Forest Meets the Stars is her debut novel. Jo offers the girl dinner. There is no prey and cats can feel no hunger. Gardens of the Night is a must see for sure as it emotionally displays the never ending resilience of the human spirit. My reticence regarding the romantic relationship stemmed from one reservation I just could not shake — that relating to the treatment of depression and recovery from trauma. As the summer nears an end and Ursa gets closer to her fifth miracle, her dangerous past closes in. Instead of walking the skies with friends and family, like in StarClan, cats here are banished to walk through the forest in solitude, though Tigerstarseems to have found a way to overcome this. By the end, I closed the book completely satisfied with their journey and the growth they permitted. As the summer ends and Jo moves back to school, she and her outgoing roommate Tabby are able to become Ursa’s caretakers. A stunning performance by all actors especially the talented young actors who played the abused children. Where the Forest Meets the Stars Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to Stories by Lavie… Where the Mountain Meets the Moon begins with a description of a small girl, Minli, and her parents, who live in a poor village at the base of Fruitless Mountain. The social workers attempt to place Ursa with two different foster families, but she resists, as she wants to remain with Jo. Where the Forest Meets the Stars. The gradual revelation of Gabriel Nash’s dysfunctional family history introduced another valuable layer of intrigue to the story web also. Gabe has obstacles such as social anxiety and a non-supportive family. The story is captivating and flows in an authentic way as their lives get more entwined. Hope you enjoy browsing my book reviews & following my reading adventures. Name of any of the Actors or Actresses no matter how big or small their role was 5. There really is something about the unbridled enthusiasm and resilience of children that can draw out the best in adults, warming hearts once frozen. Vanderah ’s beautifully human story reminds us that sometimes we need to look beyond the treetops at the stars to let some light into our lives. Actually, the forest is so rich with life, some people are “bathing” in it. Take our free Where the Forest Meets the Stars quiz below, with 25 multiple choice questions that help you test your knowledge. The slanting sticks of sunlight were lost among the branches. The police officer is unconcerned about the issue. Jo discerns that there are two men with guns on the property. Where the Forest Meets the Stars is a unique and mostly unpredictable story about a random connection between a little girl and a lonely woman. (When Jo, Gabe, and Ursa had gone to the pizza place, Ursa saw Nathan Todd, who was an accomplice of Jimmie and Cory.) However, I do commend Vanderah’s ambition in exploring difficult themes such as these and her endorsement of courage and resilience.