A recommendation letter cosigns a student's academic value to an admissions committee and can do the same for a scholarship review panel. A historically black college or university, or HBCU, was defined in the Higher Education Act of 1965 as “any historically black college or university that was established prior to 1964, whose principal mission was, and is, the education of black Americans.” Though their primary purpose is to support and educate African American students, HBCUs admit students of all races. 650 Maryville University Drive St. Louis, MO 63141. Balancing that work with the demands of your day-to-day life as a student can challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. This extra financial incentive, however, can make historically exclusive fields all the more appealing or feasible for interested black students. Students should remove from their feeds any offensive language, sexual imagery or inappropriate photographs, references to drugs or underage drinking, and hints of other unsavory or illegal activity. A 2015 study conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the National Forum of State Workforce Centers revealed that minorities accounted for only 19.5% of nurses in the workforce. For nursing students seeking a bachelor's or master's degree, with special consideration given to those seeking to be a nursing educator. Smaller scholarships may have fewer applicants and less competition, and several small scholarships can add up to the same funding amount as a single big award. Students must have at least one full year of school remaining at the date of application. The gateway is followed by a sampling of college nursing programs, a nursing/career overview link, and a very interesting note on HBCUs and nursing (a must read). These grants and scholarships are available for nursing students of all levels – from freshman to undergrad to professional PhD. To complete the FAFSA, students need a Social Security number or alien registration number, federal income tax returns, W-2 forms, bank statements, investment records, a Federal Student Aid ID, and records of all other income for students and parents, if applicable. While 62% of white students finish their degree within six years of initial enrollment, 44.6% of black students drop out of college before graduating, and remain unenrolled within the same timeframe, according to a 2017 study about graduation rates conducted by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. The FAFSA is available in English or Spanish. A study conducted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and the National Forum of State Workforce Centers revealed that minorities accounted for only 19.5% of nurses in the workforce. These programs are intended to improve African American representation in certain fields as well as higher education as a whole by ensuring students in need of aid receive it. Application Requirements: The organizations co-sponsor 3 separate scholarships: the Katherine Pope Scholarship for a non-RN student seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing; the Annie Lou Overton Scholarship for an RN student seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing; and the Kathryn Suggs Chance Leonard Scholarship for students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing. On top of your studies, job, and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to find time to apply for scholarships. 8. Reply. Financial aid can go a long way toward helping black students achieve their college dreams without as much student loan debt. Hospitals and healthcare providers are increasingly alert to health disparities prevalent in minority populations. Disparity also exists within the healthcare industry. Students may be able to find a black nurses scholarship through other sources, but the National Black Nurses Association can connect students to many different African American nursing scholarships. For those creatively inclined, there are also a number of scholarship opportunities open to black students who want or plan to study art: A nursing degree can prepare you for a host of careers in the healthcare field. There are alternative grants and scholarships offered through UNCF that are geared toward African-American students that black ladies might apply. Bring us your ambition and we’ll guide you along a personalized path to a quality education that’s designed to change your life. Many scholarship applications are rejected because students fail to read directions closely. Grants don’t need to be paid back and are based on your financial circumstances. Fellowships . FAFSA eligibility requires citizenship or eligible noncitizenship, a high school diploma or GED, and a Social Security number. Shanghai University New International Student Scholarship (Fully-funded) – China. Mark "not applicable" instead of omitting important information by mistake. What degree level are you interested in pursuing? Grants are typically awarded based on financial need or are associated with research, while scholarships are usually provided to nurses based on accomplishments and merit.