Then add 1-2 lbs for the handles, which are made of plastic. Equipment Guides You can’t store them on a weight tree at all, because the holes are too small for even a standard weight tree, so you’ll need a shelf. If that still doesn't work, some have said that rotating the plates in different directions can fix the issue. Adjusts in 2.5 lb increments (it looks like you could do 1.25 lb increments if you adjust just one side, though it would be slightly unbalanced). Some people report that the weights periodically get stuck and you have to tap or jiggle the dial to make sure it is in the exact position to release. They're sold as a pair, though you could buy just a single dumbbell. Enjoy traditional strength training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and more with the same dumbbell used by professional athletes. That’s pretty easy to do, but it takes a moment. This is far from what I would call an elegant solution. There is also a. However, the 16.5 inch spec may very well be correct, by looking at the product photos. It's the same as the Bowflex 552 and the 1UP, and so you'd eventually run into the problem where the rubber grip loosens and shifts around while in use. Barbells were designed a hundred years ago and have been tine-funed over the decades to perform better, feel better, and last longer. Some may be top heavy while other brands may balance the weight throughout. Ironmaster Quick-Lock – 45lb or 75lb. And by the way, you have to store the extra plates somewhere. However, many people have reported that the locking mechanism in the plates is easy to break. Each increment when using this primary adjustment mechanism is 10 lbs. Lastly, the Pro EXP adjustable dumbbells are incredibly safe and secure. I’ve had 2 sets of Bowflex. if you wanted 27.5 lbs, you'd adjust one side to 25 lbs and the other side to 30 lbs). ironmaster vs powerblocks 01-18-10 12:13 PM - Post# 600793 I've only used PowerBlocks and I agree somewhat with the bulkiness - but they're very … Powerblock vs Ironman vs Bowflex vs Nauilus adjustable dumbells $99 for entire year supply of "1 per Day!" What’s more, you only need a small corner space to store adjustable dumbbells. After all, that's a major draw of adjustable systems. 2020's Bowflex VS PowerBlock, You WON'T Believe (COMPARISON) The others have some rattle to them. It also comes with a sleek looking stand to hold each of the trays. It does take a moment to do. Easy and quick to adjust, a pair of Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells are maxed-out at 90 pounds, which means that they are going to be ideal for the greatest number of weight lifters regardless of physique goals. Probably the most frequent complaint I saw was that it was a real struggle to put the dumbbells in the the trays such that the plates are ALL the way into the slots. However, just about every other dumbbells set with a similar design will have some wobbliness or rattling associated with it. You manually load the plates on and off. You can adjust in as small as a 2.5 lb increment since the smallest plate is 2.5 lbs and you can add it to just one side. The handle is metal with texturized rubber over the grip portion. For example, the Bowflex 552 have aren't perfectly balanced from top to bottom, but any feeling of imbalance you get from those is very subtle compared to the Universal 445 dumbbells. So, Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells VS. the Powerblock Dumbbells Ive heard mixed opinions between these two, and i would like some advice on which to get. This allows you to set them down without them rolling away. The handle is straight and has a rubberized material over the entire grip area. It's not possible to unevenly load one side of the dumbbell, since you can't adjust each side independently. set one end at 30 lbs and one end at 25 lbs to get 27.5 lbs). Like the Bowflex 552 and 1UP, the Rainbowtex dumbbells should also have good balance between the left and right side. So yeah, that’s pretty long. The thickness is just right. Privacy Policy Adjusts in 2.5 lb increments from 5-25 lbs. Before getting carried away with the following compare and contrast exercise, do make sure that you have at least given yourself a basic intro to the two apparatuses. Straight, metal handle with knurling through entire grip area. With the Core Fitness adjustable dumbbells, rattling is minimal. However, if you have your reasons for wanting it, I'd be sure to check. This selects one or both of the 1.25 lb micro plates encased within the first large plate on each side of the dumbbell. This means you could get 2.5 lb increments in the 25-50 lbs range (e.g. if you wanted 21.25 lbs, you'd adjust one side to 20 lbs and the other side to 22.5 lbs). The closest type of product we can compare adjustable dumbbells to is an olympic barbell. No stand is included or available separately. With some exercises it will restrict your movement, such as hang cleans. Archived. It has a rubber grip around the center portion where you grasp the handle. It might get in the way when doing exercises like. It has some problems but you can easily get used to the machine after one month of use. I have a tie for the runner up: It's the PowerBlock Elite 90 vs. the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells. I guess I probably secretly wanted a set of Ironmasters....but I was #2105 in the Ironmaster ... Way better than the bowflex selecttech. What’s more, you can rest assured that you’re getting a set of dumbbells with a high durability level. The Urethane have larger openings without padding, and the handle is contoured rather than straight. You pull the pin up, slide it back or forward to the desired weight, then let the pin's spring pull it back down to lock the weights in place. These Nordictrack dumbbell use a sliding pin mechanism, which is generally a very simple and fast adjustment method. Many owners have had trouble pairing the dumbbell with their phone to use the app. Dumbbell length is not variable; it is the same length at every weight setting. Most solid ones will be 100% steel, no fancy rubber covered handles, just knurling. Each dumbbell comes with a storage tray. The dumbbell length at the lightest setting of 5 lbs (i.e. I’m VERY happy with them. The dumbbell can go from 5-30 lbs. Archived. They are of course known for their unique home gym machine that uses flexible rods as resistance and most of the time ends up as a coat hanger. Ironmaster LLC was founded in 1978, but I really don’t know what they did before making these dumbbells. BUT there's a catch: You can't buy just any standard weight plates. These you assemble with plates up to 10lb. Powerblock Sport EXP and Urethane Design You’ll pay more for the 75lb set than you would if buying the 45lb set + 75lb upgrade separately. Hi It saves space, money, and is portable. Many lifters praised this rubber portion as very comfortable. Therefore, PowerBlock Elite is an excellent investment for strength training at home or gym. There is an. Basically it’s well engineered, for what it is. You just rotate the handle to the desired weight setting while the dumbbells are seated in their trays. You can ignore half of them, and most of the rest are just variations of weight. The loadable handle area is quite long, with the knobs taking up additional room. Out of all the available models, the PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 set is by far the best one you can buy. Adjustable dumbbells only require you to buy two pieces of equipment, which will save you the hassle of transporting dozens of traditional fixed dumbbells. Some people were able to fix this by rearranging the order of the plates on each dumbbell end so that were all on center with the locking mechanism. Finally, not all adjustable dumbbells are built the same. I started this website back in late 2009 during college, and it has been my pet project ever since. Dumbbell length is the same regardless of the weight selected. However, I wanted to included just because it looks kind of cool, visually. However, if you're okay with a moderately fast adjustment time (as opposed to rapid) and you prefer a more robust and natural-feeling dumbbell, then the Ironmasters are for you. Who knows if it'll ever be available to the public, but it's a unique adjustable dumbbell concept that's at least worth mentioning. This is different than most similar style dumbbells, which would just show the combined weight of "40" on each end.). Elite: Available in 50, 70 and 90lb max, and all upgradeable to 90lb. I only came across two customer reviews discussing rattling and both said that it was minor. The adjustment mechanism is pretty innovative, but at the same time very finicky and prone to damage. The wrist guards or pillars are hollow so you can add and remove the steel rods for 2.5lb increments. If you look up the company, the site is for a Chinese manufacturing company that doesn't even specialize in fitness equipment. They all include proprietary plates and designs that each manufacturer thinks is the best or most cost-effective way to do it. And the bars are light and easy to pack as well. Copyright 2007-2020 Two Rep Cave. Plus, their urethane coating makes them more durable and quieter than the Elite 90. Some people say you can just attempt to slide the pin back and attempt to reinsert it again and it will eventually fall into place; others say you have to jiggle the dumbbells themselves to get it to lock in. With all the dumbbells here, there are no specs they’re trying to follow. The weight selection, lifting the weight out, and replacing it when you’re done with your set all work smoothly. Powerblock vs. Ironmaster vs. Bowflex vs. Vivafit - Dumbbell … However, they're louder and less durable since they're not urethane coated, and they have a closed handle design and lack the v-shaped/wedge cut handle design (less forearm room). The stand is not free. This means the plates are just like regular plates; they don't need notches cut into them for a large handle to be inserted in (i.e. I own the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells and love them (though I'm currently storing in my old home gym at my parents house). The most I could find was in this video (at the 1:32 timestamp). See this video of the madman tossing these down the stairs and off the second story. These separators are spaced evenly so that they line up in between each plate, separating them from eachother and preventing them from falling of the dumbbell handle altogether. To non-lifters, Bowflex is a leading brand. Although not stated, I can deduce it adjusts in 1 lb increments -- Since if it starts at 1 lb, that means that is the weight of just handle itself. Not upgradeable. The knob is located on the side of the handle portion, in front of where the weight brackets start; it's not on the end of the weights so it won't get in your way if trying to balance the dumbbells on their ends. So low that it makes it pretty much useless for the vast majority of people reading this article. The length of the dumbbell is fixed. It’s still not as quick as turning a dial. WD-40). Generally, there are very few complaints about this adjustment mechanism. The basic design is very similar to the NordicTrack Select-A-Weight Adjustable Dumbbell Set, discussed above. It will make some noise though since the plates are metal. Plus, the plates have a lot of empty space inside of them because of they way whey were molded. Unlike a traditional dumbbell where you just grip the handle, with these you reach your hand inside the enclosure. It's one of the best value set of twist-on collar style adjustable dumbbells I could find that adjust up to 100 pounds per dumbbell. The dumbbells apparently fit well into these. I have to disagree with the idea that Ironmasters are just adjustable spinlocks. The Merax Deluxe dumbbell set is a dial-based selectorized adjustable dumbbell set that goes from 11-71.5 lbs per dumbbell in 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) increments. They make two models, the 552, which is 5-52.5 lbs per hand, and the 1090, which is 10-90 lbs per hand. Though, you can technically adjust it in 2.5 lb increments by adding or removing the 2.5 plate on just one side; it would just be slightly off-balance so you'd have to adjust your hand position accordingly. Bowflex SelectTech – It picks up the weight differently, and it has the same length of 16″ no matter what weight you choose. Even if it were easier to use, much of the app's utility is more targeted toward beginners or non-serious lifters. The diameter of the handle is 1.25 inches thick, which is very similar to the thickness of a typical fixed dumbbell. I would have gotten the 75lb set w/ the stand, but the stand isn’t included free with the 75lb set like they suggest. Full disclosure…I’ve had Ironmasters for several years, still use them regularly, and find them to be brilliant. Weight is shown in kilograms; not pounds. However, they'll be 5 lbs heavier on one side, so you'll have to adjust your grip accordingly if you want to do that. Make sure that you select the right option if you get this one. Both the dumbbell and kettlebell use the same "Click&Turn" adjustment mechanism. Considering the plates are metal, it will make some noise. Adjusts in increments as low as 2.5 lbs for most weight settings, or as low as 5 lbs. The one remedy to this is to purchase secure and higher quality collars. If you buy through a link on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Dumbbell stays the same length regardless of the amount of weight selected due the nature of the sliding pin adjustment mechanism design. Ironmaster Quick-Lock – Awesome! This is in contrast to some dumbbells where the weight can be adjusted asymmetrically. The handle is nice and thick at 32mm / 1.25″, compared to the 1″ thick steel handles of the standard dumbbell handles. For most adjustable dumbbells, 2.5 lb increments are only possible if you add the weight to just one side; thus making the dumbbell slightly unbalanced. I own none of the above dumbbells. Has a straight handle (not contoured). However, you can adjust the left and right side independently to achieve 2.5 lb increments, but the weight will be unevenly distributed. Bowflex SelectTech – 52.5lb or 90lb. Here's the pros, cons and key features of the BodyFrce TITAN adjustable dumbbell set: Here's the pros, cons and key features of the DEIRIS adjustable water dumbbells: I believe that the greatest long-term investment is going to be the PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 (or you can buy the Stage 1 set and get the Stage 2 expansion kit and Stage 3 expansion kit later). still too light for you?! I’m going to go over those too. Also is there any health issues with urethane. The biggest complaint that you’ll hear about the Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells is that due to their box-like shape they can be awkward to handle. Adjusts in 5 lb increments. I like the ‘MX Select MX55’ as well as the Bowflex 560. The weight is distributed evenly between the left and right side at every weight setting. You get no break when you choose a lighter weight. They are, With a weight limit of 90 pounds that you can rapidly spin and set, the. I like the ‘MX Select MX55’ as well as the Bowflex 560. The handle itself appears to be plastic. However, if you wanted one, you get one from another brand. After 3-4 months, I dropped one on a VERY well-padded wool carpet. The dumbbell handle is steel, straight (not contoured) in shape and it has knurling throughout the grip area. Like the Bowflex 552s, these will also be balanced well from side to side, with a very slight imbalance from top to bottom due to the cut-out gap in each plate. This could possibly be something to do with the chrome paint used on the plates, though I couldn't say for sure. However, some owners have reported that after a few weeks or months of use, the dumbbells began sticking to the tray when pulling them out. However, their complaints weren't that it got stuck when trying to pull it out or slide it -- But rather, that they sometimes have issues locking into their new position after you slide them. Ironmaster? The PowerBlocks comfortable non-slip grip The weight distribution feels well balanced across the PowerBlocks when performing reps with them. PowerBlock dumbbells offer a much more varied range of weight sets and handle options. 5. That’s interesting, I didn’t notice that you would save money by starting with the 45lb set and foregoing the stand. It does have a noticeable rattling sound. All in all, each dumbbell has with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. These weights use a knob-based selectorized adjustment mechanism that uses just ONE small knob per dumbbell. Selectorized adjustable dumbbells were pioneered by Bowflex some 20 years ago, with the Bowflex 552 being their flagship product. The lifter is removing dumbbells at a slight angle instead of straight out, which causes plates to catch; 2.) This blog is all about quality, and I’m not going to suggest you buy low priced junk. If you have unusually large hands or wrists, it could be cramped. This isn’t ideal but it may be a necessary solution if you can’t afford the higher priced adjustable dumbbells. This likely can be fixed with some lubrication (i.e. But at the same time you still get the traditional dumbbell look of (mostly) round plates. In this scenario, you'd just have to shift your grip position to even out the imbalance. Without further ado, here are all other adjustable dumbbell reviews for you to peruse: Here's the pros, cons and key features of the MX Select MX55 dumbbell set: Here's the pros, cons and key features of the Bowflex SelectTech 552. Both upgradeable to 120lb or 165lb. It's mostly happens when doing more rapid movements, or when taking the dumbbells out of the tray and putting them back in. The Bowflex handle is made of plastic, and, the drop chipped it. The problem is the ends get pokey on you, because there’s always some length left after you tighten the collars. A single Rainbowtex dumbbell costs almost DOUBLE that of a full pair of Bowflex 552s. This makes it arguably the quickest weight change out of all the dumbbells. Overall the PowerBlock EXP is extremely convenient. The dumbbells have a variable length, meaning they're shortest at their lightest weight and they become longer as you add more weight. The length is the same regardless of weight, meaning the dumbbell is as long at 5 lbs as it is maxed out at 30 lbs. It's full of advice on features to look for and has several reviews of popular benches. One of the most disappointing things I found out when researching the Bowflex 560 dumbbells is that they had originally announced that they. PowerBlock EXP vs Bowflex SelectTech 552. Importantly, you can balance the dumbbells vertically on your thighs without any discomfort when setting up for exercises like shoulder press or bench press. The increments can be anything up 4.75 lbs, since you can add or remove as much water weight as you want. The dumbbell handle (including the part that encases the adjustment mechanism) is made of solid high-stress plastic. The adjustable dumbbells of the type I’m talking about in this article are a whole different story. It'll train your grip more, but it won't be so thick as to impair your exercise performance. Adjusts using a sliding pin mechanism. Comes with trays to store and adjust the dumbbells in, as well as a dumbbell stand that's made to hold trays so the dumbbells are at a convenient height to rack and unrack the dumbbells. That is, it gets shorter with less weight and longer with more weight. Worth noting also that their large steel end caps accommodate PlateMates or other magnetic weights in case you want to do smaller increments. They did come out with some new models like the Urethane series several years ago, and I think they’ve been the same since. The pin can be difficult to move. Overall the PowerBlock EXP is extremely convenient. 3. As with the Bowflex 552, the same issue is bound to occur with the grip on the 1UP -- that is, it will eventually loosen and slip slightly during use. Because there are various models for both dumbbell brands, in my comparisons going forward, I will be discussing two of the more popular dumbbells from each brand. They’re one of those old companies that are slow to change. Once you have the desired weight on the handle, you turn the knob at each end of the dumbbell. Thanks for the info. Dumbbell length is the same at every weight setting. Read more. Sold as a single dumbbell, not as a pair. I haven’t seen any other one that competes on quality and that people are happy with. Another big positive is that it's the only heavy PowerBlock set that's compatible with optional PowerBlock accessories like the straight bar, EZ bar and KettleBlock -- all very useful accessories that could add A LOT of additional exercise variety to your training. When this works, it's pretty cool. Additionally, the knob is recessed below the top of the metal weight brackets, meaning it won't be damaged if you set the weights on that side. Ironmaster and Bowflex don’t have a urethane model. Reply. While I don’t own the 1090s, I did have the opportunity to train with them before. It should also be noted, that at some weights, there will be one pound extra on one side than on the other. This is great and preferable to a contoured and/or rubberized handle because it lasts longer, feels more natural and provides better grip. Adjusts in 2.5 lb increments from 5-25 lbs. Aren’t there cheaper models or alternatives. You can only buy plates that fit the 1.15" diameter handle (the standard size is 1 inch). One more thing – The pins kind of stick out and could stretch against your hips when you raiser or lower them against your hips with a neutral grip (palms facing your body). This causes plastic separators to come out of slits on the handle ends. A class-action lawsuit alleges that PowerBlock’s Urethane series dumbbells fail in warm environments, causing damage and a safety hazard. The dumbbell length is the same regardless of if you have just the handle, or if you select all of the weight. Standard Handles – None,  Anything you buy online new will have at least a 30 day warranty against major manufacturing defects. This is so that they can fit on the ends of the dumbbell handle, which are triangular in shape and made of plastic.