Silvia Peppoloni, Nic Bilham, Giuseppe Di Capua Palgrave Macmillan is a global academic publisher, serving learning and scholarship in higher education and the professional world Palgrave Macmillan is a global academic publisher, serving learning and scholarship in higher education and the professional world This book in the SpringerLink website Palgrave Pivot has enabled authors to publish at lengths of between 25,000 and 50,000 words - longer than a journal article, but shorter than a monograph, taking advantage of a swift and flexible publication process to dramatically reduce publication times. Ethical Implications, Societal Contexts, and Professional Obligations of the Geosciences Jen discusses Palgrave Macmillan's short-form monograph, the Pivot – what prompted the development of this publishing format; how it operates within current contexts of publishing, academia, and the REF; and how the academic book of the future must … Series: Palgrave pivot. Download here (pdf file), International Association for Promoting Geoethics, Via di Vigna Murata 605, 00143 Rome (Italy) |, Contemporary Geoethics Within the Geosciences, Exploring Societal Intersections of Geoethical Thinking, Via di Vigna Murata 605, 00143 Rome (Italy) |, Humanistic Geosciences and the Planetary Human Niche. enable JavaScript in your browser. 176 p. Research output : Book/Report › Anthology or Edited Book Busher, J & Jerome, L (eds) 2020, The Prevent Duty in Education: Impact, Enactment and Implications . Toggle facets Refine your results Access. The Palgrave Pivot cover designs by Harvey Loake of Bath Spa University. Martin Bohle, Rika Preiser It argues that reference values and general principles should be reconciled with context-dependent perspectives in complex decision-making settings, and reflects on the potential of geoethics to inform a more 'responsible anthropocentrism'. The Progressive Era designer and social activist Louise Brigham spent a pivotal summer on the far-northern island of Spitsbergen in the early 1900s … Palgrave Macmillan publishes journals, monographs and reference books in print and online. Martin Bohle, Giuseppe Di Capua Due to their professional knowledge and skills, geoscientists in particular should reflect on the ethical implications of their work that could guide responsible interactions. Our first Open Access Palgrave Pivot, Seeing Ourselves Through Technology by Jill Walker Rettberg, published in October 2014. The book begins by framing, contextualising and describing contemporary geoethics, then goes on to cover several examples of geoethical thinking and explores the societal intersections of geosciences in the planetary 'human niche'. Brejc, M., Bezjak, S., & Rajh, A. J. The second describes an adaptive and collaborative governance approach affording more sustainable futures for small-scale fisheries. Video gaming has long been understood as a masculinised social space and, while increasing numbers of girls and women now engage in the pastime, boys and men remain the predominant social actors. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. Subjects: Language and languages -- Study and teaching. with more than 175 years’ experience in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 3 years ago # QUOTE 4 YEA 2 NAY! Geoethics is the branch of ethics which relates to the interaction of human activity with our physical world in general, and with the practice of the Earth sciences in particular. Creativity, Wellbeing and Mental Health Practice. Rethinking Interdisciplinarity across the ... Power, Culture and Situated Research Methodology. This introductory chapter outlines the development of geoethics to date, as a ‘virtue ethics’ focusing primarily on the role of the geoscientist, describes its meaning and function in relation to neighbouring fields and explores how to situate geoethics in relation to a wider range of issues that require ethical consideration. Website Cham : Palgrave Pivot, 2019, Palgrave studies in European Union politics Cite DE FEO, Alfredo, SHACKLETON, Michael (editor/s), Shaping parliamentary democracy : collected memories from the European Parliament , Cham : Palgrave Pivot, 2019, Palgrave studies in European Union politics Palgrave Pivots have received very positive reviews from respected venues, including many academic journals, the LSE Review of Books, and Times Higher Education. Abreu M., Mendes V. (2001), Commercial bank interest margins and profitability: evidence for Some EU Countries, Proceedings of the Pan-European Conference Jointly organized by the IEFS-UK & University of Macedonia Economic and Social Sciences, Thessaloniki, Greece, 17–20 May. The Economics of Addictive Behaviours Volume III, Exploring the Field of Business Model Innovation. Three words: Evolutionary Basic Democracy 3 years ago # QUOTE 11 YEA 1 NAY! Publishing across the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Business, Palgrave Pivot is extremely proud to be at the forefront of this evolution in digital publishing. The societal relevance and purpose of geoscience are discussed from a conceptual perspective in this chapter. Liza. Rita. The first explores the societal significance of geoscience as a 'stewardship-science' and elicits the often hidden influence of geoscience in contemporary societies. Child cyberflashing disorder exhibition Exhibitionism exhibitionistic exhibitionistic disorder flash flashed Flashing hypersexual it out Penis scatalogia Scatolophilia show social media telephone whip. Martin Bohle, Eduardo Marone Pretty much indistinguishable from a regular Palgrave book. Back Matter (pages 175-214) 2019, Palgrave Pivot, Cham, XIV + 214, ISBN 978-3-030-12009-2. Conclusion: Reflections on the First Five Years of the Prevent Duty in Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education . Geoethics offers geoscientists a framework for operationalising and exercising this responsibility whilst also orienting other professions and society towards responsible interactions with the Earth system. Palgrave Macmillan is a global cross-market publisher specializing in quality trade non-fiction and cutting-edge academic books. Rhetoric's Questions, Reading and Interpretation, Echo and Meaning on Early Modern English Stages, Nineteenth-Century Illustration and the Digital, Tragic Time in Drama, Film, and Videogames, Managing the Experience of Hearing Loss in Britain, 1830-1930. Real-world examples demonstrate the societal relevance of geoethics. (2019) Diffusion of Global CSR Trends in Finland. Rethinking the Three R's in Animal Research. A collection of books, journal articles and magazine content that amplifies Black voices and the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. It addresses three key questions: i) what should be considered 'geoethics' in an operational sense, ii) what is peripheral to it, and iii) is there a case therefore to establish a denomination, such as geo-humanities or geosophy, to capture a broader scope of thinking about geoscience and its interactions with society and the natural world, for the benefit of the geo-professionals and others. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2019] Series: Palgrave pivot Palgrave pivot Format/Description: Book xvii, 156 p. ; 22 cm. 2019, Palgrave Pivot, Cham, XIV + 214, ISBN 978-3-030-12009-2. The Olympic Museum in Lausanne ran an exhibition on Sporting Times inspired by Kath Woodward’s Palgrave Pivot, and Kath went on to curate the exhibition. We publish general interest books as well as textbooks, journals, monographs, professional, and reference works in print and … Responsible interaction of people with the Earth system calls for deep engagement with ethical considerations. Flyer abstract = "Drawing on mixed methods research carried out with schooland college staff during 2015 and 2016, this chapter provides insight intohow the Prevent Duty {\textquoteleft}landed{\textquoteright} in schools and colleges during the first18 months after its introduction in July 2015. 2, no. Recent journal publications 2020 Ghazy Aziz, O. Wellcome Trust–Funded Monographs and Book Chapters. Timothy Verhoeven weaves a fascinating history of regional and national politics, the medical pathologies associated with celibacy, dominant norms of masculinity for the secular and religious worlds, the battle between Republican and Catholic education, and the historical … ', Ideas Spread - Risk and Financial Management, vol. Martin Bohle, Giuseppe Di Capua, Nic Bilham Familiarity with the strategies of Academic Corruption (AC) strengthens meritocracy values, increases participation, and education quality calls for t… 125 p. (Palgrave Pivots in the Social Sciences). Stories of Progressive Institutional Change, The Financial Impact of Political Connections. [Monica M Taylor] -- Examining the populations that suffer the greatest from political and economic decision-making associated with obesity prevalence, this book utilises a contemporary framework to discuss obesity. Palgrave Macmillan is a world-class publisher of books and journals. 2020, 'Dose the FDI Flow into Arab Region Influenced by the Global Financial Crisis? ​This book explores the potential of geoethics, as designed within the operational criteria of addressing the deeds and values of the human agent as part of the Earth system. Bringing together a set of experts across multiple interdisciplinary fields this collection will appeal to scholars, researchers, practitioners and students within geosciences and social sciences, political sciences as well as the humanities. Bohle Martin (Ed.) It suggests that geoethics might be framed as relating to the practices and values of any human agent as part of the Earth system, whereas the complementary notion of 'geosophy' could be used to refer to the broader considerations regarding human–Earth system interactions. Contemporary Geoethics Within the Geosciences (pages 25-70) Educational technology. It explores how people should live ethically in times of anthropogenic global change and describes the history and current state of 'human niche-building' (or 'engineering', in its broadest sense) at the planetary scale. Such expansion may be in tension with the need for geoethics to be a focused framework to support geoscientists in their work. This book examines gender attitudes in Reddit’s popular video gaming community subreddit, r/gaming.