Trademark Owner Name 6. While we record new business formations and ongoing business registration activity, we also provide thoughtful guidance and comprehensive services to those looking to start and maintain a business or non-profit in Rhode Island. Disclaimer: This Search tool allows you to search the Secretary of State's California Business Search database for abstracts of information for domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations, limited liability companies and limited partnerships that have filed with this office. Payment must be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Corporations & Business Services. Publications & Forms. Arkansas Secretary of State State Capitol 500 Woodlane Street, Suite 256 Little Rock, AR 72201 501-682-1010. You may visit our non-JavaScript, The State of Illinois has reduced many of the. Expedited processing fees are assessed on these transactions. You may view a File Detail Report on a corporation or limited liability company, obtain a Certificate of Good Standing on an existing entity, or conduct a preliminary search on the availability of a new company name. 128 State Street. Street AddressNeed help with your search?Corporation Records Search Guide ; Entity Number – The entity number is a unique identifier assigned to a business by the Ohio Secretary of State. Enter name (minimum of 4 characters required) or organization number below A maximum of 250 names will be returned. Searching for 0100410071 will return no results. 95814 JavaScript Required: This site uses JavaScript to display common navigation items. Help Business Name Search Glossary of Terms. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. From the File Detail Report of a corporation or limited liability company, you may purchase a Certificate of Good Standing if the entity has satisfied all necessary requirements. Search for a Federal Corporation From Corporations Canada This database does NOT include corporations created under financial legislation (such as financial institutions, insurance companies or loan and trust companies) or those created under provincial/territorial legislation or corporate legislation from another jurisdiction. For information on ordering certificates and/or copies of documents, refer to the HOME tab under the top menu. Enter the exact name of the entity, including spaces AND any punctuation that are part of the name. Perform a multi-state search Find out if a company registered in Idaho is also registered in other states. Therefore the Secretary of State cannot provide a database for searching these entity types. Hide user feedback form. This database is provided to the public for individual searches only. I would like to Search By(enter information in one field below): Select One: Entity Name: Entity ID: Principal Name: Individual Entity . Contact. The following tips may be used to refine or modify searches by entity number or entity name for a particular entity: Example: Searching for C0254285 will return X,Y,Z CORPORATION. The entity number is the identification number issued to the entity by the California Secretary of State at the time the entity formed, qualified, registered or converted in California. Search For: Search. Note: This search is not intended to serve as a name availability search. Helpful Hint: If you are not able to locate an entity record, you may wish to try a broader search by searching for fewer keywords or a "begins with" search if you know one or more of the first words of the entity's name, or you may request a more extensive search by ordering a status report. This image is currently unavailable through the website. To conduct a search: Officer/Registered Agent 3. The results will include the entities whose names have that word or string of words as the first word or words of their name, including entities that have additional words in their names. ... Montana Secretary of State Montana Capitol Building, Rm 260 P.O. S ecretary Ardoin warns businesses of potential scams Schedule a Com me rcial or Commissions Appointment Get Started. This information is available at To reserve a corporation/LLC name, please complete and submit a Name Reservation form. The omission or addition of spaces and punctuation that are not part of the name will result in no records found, or a different entity than intended. Stacey Drinkwine, Director. Pursuant to statute, the Department of Business Services offers information for sale. This search provides access to all the entity’s information of record with the Secretary of State. Searching SIMPLE will return all entity names containing the word SIMPLE such as SIMPLE INC., SIMPLE DESIGN, INC. if searching corporations and MAKE IT SIMPLE, LLC if searching limited liability companies. For information on ordering a status report, refer to Information Requests. The Corporations Unit of the Secretary of State is responsible for the creation and maintenance filings for all domestic and out-of-state … This system enables customers to review all documents on file with the Office of the Secretary of State. Customers are cautioned to avoid interpreting database search information as an indication that a name is or is not available for use. Search. Box 202801 Helena, MT 59620-2801 Front Desk: 406-444-2034. You should immediately print the certificate from the link on the receipt page or from the link on the returned email. Google Map | Contact Us The database is updated in real time. Sacramento, Registered Agent Name 4. Example: Searching for 200100410071 will return RESEARCH & RETRIEVAL, LLC. 1500 11th Street JavaScript Required: This site uses JavaScript to display common navigation items. Any unauthorized use of the database, unauthorized access, removal of data, copying or downloading of the database information is prohibited by criminal statutes, including the sections covering the offenses of computer tampering and aggravated computer tampering (720 ILCS 5/16D-3; 5/16D-4). The Secretary of State is the state's chief elections officer, chief corporations officer, and supervisor of the State Archives and State Library. Name 2. Below is a listing of the searches the Secretary of State's Office provides for the public. If you have any questions about performing a search or the results you receive, please contact the NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations at (518) 473-2492, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Administrative Rules Frequently Asked Questions. The database is updated in real time. Detail by Document Number 8. Corporation/LLC Search/Certificate of Good Standing Type of Search The Department of Business Services database includes information regarding corporations, not-for-profit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, as well as, other business-related information. Trademark/Service-Mark Search (view information for a Trademark/Service-Mark on file with the Secretary of State) Note: The state of Kansas does not register sole proprietorships, d/b/a, assumed name, trade name or fictitious name entities. Visit our business portal to search and your locate your business entity. 2019-2020 Missouri Roster. Business Name- The current name of the business as it appears on our records. This facility provides you easy access to public information maintained by the Secretary of State's office in electronic format. ... Information about individual business entities can be queried, viewed and printed using this search tool for free. Perform a multi-state search Find out if a company registered in Maryland is also registered in other states. For contract information, please call the Department of Business Services at 217-782-6961. Zip Code 9. The File Detail Report on a corporation or limited liability company includes the most commonly requested information on the business entity (i.e. 802-828-2386. Search By: Words. Corporation/LLC Search. The detail indicates if the entity is active. Business ID Search Results. Welcome to the Business Search screen where you may search for entities registered in New Mexico. The LLC detail lists the manager(s) and any member with the authority of manager. Enter one or more of the first words of the entity’s name. How can we make this page better for you? Information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19) Get the latest information about coronavirus and the Indiana Department of Health preparations here - Enter one or more known words (i.e., Keywords) that are part of the entity name. Support, Help, Resources. Find the business in the results below and click to view the official business profile and relevant information. Searching for 0254285 will return no results. Search Administrative Rules. Use the full name to limit results; Use as many words as possible that are in the name exact name, date of formation/registration in Illinois, jurisdiction, duration, name of the registered agent and address of the registered office). Search Hints. Ohio Secretary of State Business Search Portal. Search results that indicate “Image not available online” may be available by ordering copies, refer to refer to Information Requests. Montpelier, VT 05633. 888-647-4582. Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State PDF copies of imaged business entity documents, including Statements of Information are available for free on the Secretary of State's Business Search.. Welcome to the Secretary of State's Government Records Inquiry System. All LLC Statements of Information and the required Statement of Information for most corporations can be submitted electronically using a credit card. The Corporation and Business Entity Database online search is intended for status inquiries of entities already on file with the Department of State. You may search the Corporation/LLC Database by file number or name. If you do not know your Filing ID, please search by the name of the business entity. The Office of the Secretary of the State has partnered with the Connecticut Data Collaborative to provide more comprehensive searching and downloading of the data contained in the Connecticut Business Registry. When searching the availability of a new company name, the proposed name must be distinguishable from any other corporation/LLC name on file. To obtain a copy please submit a written request to Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations along with … Business Entity Search Options Service by Phone Business Entity Search. Office: Officer Name Search Results In order to search for businesses, you will be required to utilize the “I am not a robot” feature by clicking on the images, as directed by our online portal. If you are searching for certain corporation records from 1949-2010, please visit The entity number is the identification number issued to the entity by the California Secretary of State at the time the entity formed, qualified, registered or converted in California.

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