Store Location. This old darling has had a bit of a hard life. There were several splits and cracks on the soundboard as well as a distorted area around the footprint of the bridge. Articles by Matthew Pre-War D-28 Style Guitar made in 1978 By Matthew Klein. A purpose designed and made metal block was heated to approximately 400°F. The Selmer shop. The break is clean with a large gluing area. This gives the new bridge a flat and stable gluing area. A jig is made up to hold the guitar and headstock in place whilst the glue sets. I believe these became loose and subsequently lost years before. The frets are showing some wear. Can do headstock repairs and others too. The fingerboard extension is heated to release the glue. This was done for ease of removal when dealing with replacements. On close inspection of the dovetail it appears that it does not reach to its full height. Epsom Store The UK's Biggest Guitar Store. I took this opportunity to refret the fingerboard as this makes for a very easy job with the fingerboard removed from the neck. In order to gain easy access to the internal bracing it will be necessary to remove the back. It was the guitar he was using when I joined in March 1975 until the Gretsch was fixed, then it became a spare. Whether or not you want a guitar made from scratch to your exact specifications or just a small repair job, our experienced and highly skilled crafts team will deliver quality results. Generally speaking all the broken parts a gathered and pieced back together. Vintage Posters; Vintage Catalogues; Galleries. The break has occurred just underneath the top nut. Also wooden clothes pegs were glued here and there as a misguided attempt to strengthen various parts of the soundboard. It now looks,sounds and feels great! We stock a range of products for guitar repair or building. This particular guitar belongs to Seasick Steve. We are Gibson Guitar Specialists ~ 12th Fret was established in Jan 2008 by James Collins, offering a professional guitar service & repair in the UK. It is decided that an invisible headstock repair should be made. The frets were removed and the guitar was prepared for the reshoot. Checkout × We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. The name is now used by an unrelated company based in Illinois that imports guitars from Asia. The bridge-pin holes are re-drilled and the surface sanded. He described how the soundboard was lifting badly behind the bridge, which was causing the bridge to “ride-up”. We offer FREE next day delivery to mainland UK, full setup, Finance and a 14-day return policy. To remove the neck from the body and reset at the appropriate angle for a good playing action. The Stage Tech had resorted to binding the headstock with Gaffer Tape in the hope that it would last a little longer until the end of the band’s tour. The end is trimmed down and a piece of Mahogany glued into place. This is causing the distortion in the soundboard at the sound-hole. Firstly the damage to the headstock is repaired, hot hide-glue is used for this. Product Registration Customer Service Repair and Restoration Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ Gibson Guitar Specs (2015-2019) Dealer Resource Center; Locate A Dealer; Looking for Something Specific? Much to his distress on arriving it was revealed that the guitar had been mishandled by the carrier during transit. This lovely old Guild on the workbench is in need on a bit of TLC. Vintage Harmony guitars have become a popular choice for collectors and often fetch high prices on auction sites. The loose brace is glued, clamped up left to dry overnight. Headstock repair. The first coat is applied – this is the base colour mixed with clear gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer. This makes for a challenging repair confounded by the fact that it has been repaired once before. Once the bracing system is completed the back is cleaned up and glued into place, A replica of the plastic bridge is made up out of Brazilian Rosewood and fitted. Will combine postage from London . The soundboard has a distortion at the edge of the sound-hole. Fret level, dress and polish £30. This is unusual in any acoustic guitar and leads me to believe that the earlier repairs have caused this. London UK. Home; About; Instruments. Soon the guitar is playing smoothly and sounding great. This guitar was a budget instrument at the time of manufacture and sold at an affordable price as an entry-level model. A Stevens by Fender made by Michael Stevens. 11 Denmark St, London WC2H 8LS. This complicates matters as spraying a headstock with a coloured lacquer, so as to disguise the repair, will obliterate the decal. It was taken in by this workshop some years ago for an extensive rebuild. The over large bridge-plate can exasperate the problem as these where generally made of softwood which also offered little structural strength. It originally came into the workshop to have a pin through bridge fitted. The idea is to join/re-glue the neck to the headstock (as best as). Fortunately the head veneer is still in one piece and undamaged. This model has been called the Nick Drake model because of the association with him during the 70s. This had been badly done and left me with the impression that this old Sovereign had been the victim of abuse in the hands of an inexperience repairer. This short video clip shows the transition of this instrument through restoration. fret work and a new bone nut. With this area of the soundboard in a “damp” state, the soundboard is clamped into a negative bow and left to dry out for a week or so. They are honed and re-profiled and the truss-rod is adjusted. On inspection it is very apparent that a new bridge has been fitted. The heat transference was enough to soften the glue holding the bridge. Our stores are located in the world famous 'Tin Pan Alley' Denmark Street, London. Wunjo on Denmark Street in Central London is far more than just an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboard shop. The headstock has broken from the neck at 90° to the grain of the wood. All in all the whole instrument was in a sorry state and on the verge of being discarded. With all bridge-lifting or bellying issues the first thing to look at is the internal structure of the soundboard. The only means of dealing with this type of issue is to remove the neck and to make an assessment of the internal join. Unfortunately the guitar had suffered catastrophic damage to its ribs. This ensures that the finish is removed in a controlled and careful manner. Our Brief in this instance was to remove the internal ladder bracing, replace with a scalloped X brace system to give the guitar a more balanced tone and to accentuate the bass tone. A few days later the mandolin is strung up, tuned and tested. Here’s an unusual guitar on the workbench. Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. Welcome to, we are one of the leading guitar shop in London, UK. September 7, 2014 — Graham Parker Luthier, February 21, 2011 — Graham Parker Luthier, Also photos of its new tuners that have been authentically aged, Guitar Repairs London: 1968 Gibson 335 Headstock Repair, Guitar Repairs London: 1961 Guild M20 Acoustic, Fender Guitar Repairs London: Stevens by Fender, Vintage Guitar Repairs London: 1930s Gibson L0 coustic Guitar Restoration, Acoustic guitar repair London: Gibson 1966 LG-0 (Hot Rod), Improve the tone of your vintage acoustic, Guitar and Mandolin Repairs : Kalamazoo Mandolin, Vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar Restoration : Martin 00-17, Vintage Acoustic Guitar Repair : Harmony Sovereign H1260, Gibson Guitar Restoration: Gibson L1 1926, Vintage Acoustic Guitar Repair: 1963 Gibson Country & Western, Electric Guitar Repair: 1968 Gibson Melody Maker. Fortunately the fingerboard was removed cleanly and without damage. We will stand behind every repair we do, 100%. Rosewood is the workshop’s prefered material for bridge-plate replacement because of its strength to thickness ratio. Problem Solving the Fingerboard Crack Issue. This is partly due to the increased break angle of the strings from the saddle to the pin hole and partly due to the 90° angle of the string through the bridge and soundboard. 1 Comment » Guild 302A Bass Guitar Broken Neck Repair July 4, 2009 — Graham Parker Luthier . Ft. Over 1,000 guitars. Owner – James Stratton, London Guitar Academy, 07957 230354, - a photo on Flickriver Bob Dylan used this model back in the early so called “Coffeehouse Days” more info on Dylans guitar’s Here…. The neck is pulling up with the tension of the strings and a gap has appeared at the neck/body join. Flame Guitars is based in Sutton, South London, and is owned by David Kennett. They distributed and made lots of other instruments, too, adding German-made Hofner guitars to their lines in the ‘50s, followed by Gibson … It will be made for you to your specifications. The fingerboard was fretted and new bindings attached. Log In. This plastic moulded version was held in place by 4 screws that attached from under the soundboard up into the base of the bridge. Gitarren Reparaturen Repair-Service London UK. Will combine postage from London . Here is an interesting project recently taken in by the workshop: a Gibson LG-O made in 1966. Basic guitar setup: £10 General clean up New strings (you provide them) Fretboard oiling (if rosewood and needed) Action adjustment Truss rod adjustment Intonation adjustment Pickup height adjustment. The knife is left in place while the extension cools; this prevents the glue from reattaching. A Rosewood piece is inlayed into the channel and smoothed down. The company peaked between 1964 – 1965 selling 350,000 instruments, but low end foreign competition led to the company’s demise 10 years later. It’s clearly visible in the photo (below) that the dovetail is badly broken. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 … Today, their dedication to quality, innovation and sound excellence, with historic models like the Les Paul, ES and SG, make them one of the world’s most iconic guitar brands. And the back of the neck/headstock is refinished to disguise the work. It was an owner of a Gibson J 30 acoustic who explained that he was having a problem with the soundboard on the guitar. Two brothers, Ben and Lew Davis, started Selmer London back in 1929 when they secured an agency deal to sell saxophones supplied by the French company Selmer. Guitar / Bass Amplifier and Effects Pedal Repair. Here for sale 1948 Gibson L-48 archtop acoustic the back of the guitar is marked with buckle rash. This will be done when appropriate tuners become available. All in all a good result and another quality guitar back in action. The guitar has a slim neck which measures 1 9/16’’ at the nut and joins the body at the 14th fret. Guitar Yard specialises in the repair and restoration of vintage and non-vintage guitars, including Fender, Jaguar, Gibson, Les Paul and other stringed instruments as well as T-shirts, posters and art. A light redress of the frets is enough to take out the wear in the frets. {{itemCount}} {{sku.Description}} Review Cart. Photos courtesy of the owner Richard, London, 2011. TAKE OUR SHOP’S VIRTUAL TOUR! So it is decided that the head veneer should be removed and replaced once the repair inserts have be added. Create a free website or blog at Home News About Gallery Contact Proudly powered by Weebly. This is his beloved guitar which has had the headstock broken and repaired once before. Here’s a ’60s Harmony Sovereign H1260 on the workbench. Norm’s offers lessons, repairs, trade-ins, and written appraisals. The bracing system is made up and glued into place piece by piece. The new bridge design was based approximately on the same shape and dimensions as the old bridge. This lovely old Gibson L0 was made in the 1930s. Free evaluation, come say hello! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jonny clearly takes pride and pleasure in his work. More info about removing and resetting a guitar neck here…. With very little effort the bridge is removed. All binding around the fingerboard was to be renewed including the edge dots. No more National carriers though, this one is hand delivery only. they were sent no problem. Because of the saw’s thin blade and unique cutting motion very little material is lost during this process. The hole and initials are patched up and cleaned up so as not to look too “over worked”. Buying a guitar online? However, my optimistic thinking was that it could work out fine and there was very little lost in doing the earlier refret when the fingerboard was loose. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Once on the bench it is clear that the repair is substandard and slowly coming undone. The neck has several coats of clear lacquer applied. All Gibson Service Centers. Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. They sold 250,000 pieces in 1923 and 500,000 in 1930, including various models of guitars, banjos, and mandolins. To remove the fingerboard from the neck and body. The playing action on this old L1 can only be restore with a neck reset. Gibson Les Paul Guitars The Gibson Les Paul is one of the most iconic guitar designs in the world. With the soundboard still in its negative bow the new bridge-plate is fitted, clamped up and left to dry overnight. I’m happy to report that the repair went very well and the guitar is now back in action again. Andy Gibson Guitars. Small holes are drilled through the guitar rib for the string to pass through. These and discarded and a new bone nut and saddle are made and fitted. Ad ID: 1388013512 Guitars; Amps / Pedals; Repairs; Custom Designs; Paper. We also sell amplifier spares, including valves (or tubes if you’re from over the pond). Repair log – 2009 Gibson Goldtop Traditional Les Paul SN 00939030, made Nashville USA. It appeared to (have been) be a piece of Maple veneer, but why was it there? The split was extensive and extended from the waist on one side to the waist on the other. Free evaluation, come say hello! Guitar Village is a specialist guitar shop in Farnham, Surrey UK, near Guildford, only 45 minutes from London. Pete Townshend and Gibson SGs. 1948 Gibson L-48 archtop acoustic guitar in Sunbur . All of which has probably causing the bridge to lift. The Guild 302A , a unique vintage bass. Here is an interesting project recently taken in by the workshop: a Gibson LG-O made in 1966 This is an all Mahogany guitar: Mahogany soundboard, back, ribs and neck. Feline Guitars is a professional guitar repair workshop in Croydon serving customers in London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex the south East (and further afield too).. Our repair work is some of the best you will find around, combined with friendly honest advice & help and good customer service From re-stringing to set-ups, fret dressing, re-frets to complete rebuilds, we do the best work in town. The intonation issues  is caused by a badly fitting nut. Flame Guitars is based in Sutton, South London, and is owned by David Kennett. The join is assembled using hide glue and clamped. Soundtrack: Aloha Uncle Lawrence by Jim Kimo West. Guitar Repair Price List & Guide June 2020 . This 1260 belongs to a regular customer and a frequent visitor to the workshop. 1948 Gibson L-48 archtop acoustic guitar in Sunbur . The 15th fret is heated and removed. It’s a Gibson L1 made in 1926. The back of the neck was refinished to disguise a multitude of chips and breakouts around the binding area. This removes the worn and damaged section of the plate. Jonny not only restored the wiring, he fixed the binding, dressed the frets and cleaned half a century of grime from all the hardware on the guitar. The bridge is removed; this reveals the footprint to the old Adjustable Bridge System that Gibson used during the ’60s. 0203 675 9100 He even maimed that guitar – there are photos of Townshend in 1967 at London’s Saville Theatre with the 6/12 guitar, obviously rebuilt, as the necks are at splayed angles and a there’s clearly visible repair in the body between the necks. Also the area along the length of the split will need to be reinforced. 0. Guitar Setups and Repairs London Guitar Repairs London. I make and repair guitars and other stringed instruments. Unmarked as new condition complete with original Gibson hard case . Offering guitar repair, from a simple set up, to a complete custom built guitar with a huge amount of onboard effects. The water-slide decals are soaked, applied to the surface and left to dry. Renowned for its single-cutaway body shape, the Les Paul has been the benchmark for many modern guitar designs and continues to set the trend in the 21st Century. I photographed the process as I went along. The fretboard also suffered from unlevelness and a rounded off, uneven radius. With over 3000 instruments available from stock we have the best selection in the UK. Last year I had the Gibson Custom Shop build a guitar for me. Layer upon layer of this mix is sprayed onto the neck to eventually fill the grain and to bring the finish up above the surface. The only course of action was to defret the guitar and reshoot the fingerboard. In addition to guitar making and repairing, our lead craftsman, Chris McIntyre, has a wealth of experience working with and advising both amateur and professional guitarists and bass players. Guitar parts & components online from CD Guitars UK. David builds custom electric guitars and provides a repair, servicing and setup facility for all types of guitars. It is important that any repair work should be discreet and invisible. After considered thought it is decided that new decals should be designed and made up. A few other jobs around the guitar are carried out i.e. First introduced in 1963, the Gibson Firebird was a guitar many years ahead of... View full product details → 1969 Gibson J-50 £3,995.00 1969 Gibson J-50. It had been refretted before at some point but the remaining frets were low, flat and not seated well. Seasick Steve is in London for a limited time so the guitar has to be repaired and turned around very quickly. A block is heated and rested on the bridge, the heat transference is enough to soften the glue holding the bridge. This is unfortunate as this had already been refretted at the start of the restoration. It’s an M20 made in 1961. Together they designed and made guitars for many named artists. This gives depth to the finish and also offers protection for the decals. Unmarked as new stunning Gibson Acoustic guitar. It is also a chance to resolve a few more of the problems found on the guitar. Fortunately its neck, fingerboard and frets were in good order and the guitar was owned by someone who could see the potential in this old guitar. It is regarded too highly for the rigours of touring. It’s good. Home; About; Instruments. Copyright 2020 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. JPF Amplification operates out No 11 in London’s Denmark St. We repair, service and modify all types of guitar and bass amp, and effects pedals. The head veneer is clamped under a piece of perspex to keep it flat until needed later on. This entailed using a jack plane and cabinet scrapers to smooth out the hump in the fingerboard. Call us: 07881741191. except the brass nuts, they wear out and my strings start breaking. Gibson SG Standard, heritage cherry, in black hard case. A small heat blanket was used to heat the fingerboard. Current value range – £1,104 to £1,499 in excellent condition (but with original pickups) Purchased used for £1,000, Weight = 4.3Kg, 9.48lbs And the decal is essential to authenticate the instrument. The electrics cavity-cover bears two signatures and a date which adds to the intrigue. With the glue dried the sides were lightly sanded, re-finished with a Shellac based lacquer and matted down. Graham Wheeler has been repairing acoustic and electric guitars for most of his life. Some strings were choking around the 12th fret area. This little gem has some all too familiar problems; it has severe soundboard bellying, the neck is loose giving a high playing action. The 2 main repairs are now complete, all that remains to do is: Click Here to view the finished guitar in it’s home setting. I also work on related stringed instruments – banjos, mandolins, ukeleles, bouzoukis, basses and others. You may have seen him on the Jules Holland show or heard him on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2. Acoustic guitar repair London: Gibson 1966 LG-0 (Hot Rod) April 17, 2014 — Graham Parker Luthier . Call us: 07881741191. In 1986 he became the Founder and Senior Design Engineer of the Fender Custom Shop along with design engineer John Page. Established 25years ago, authorised Gibson and Taylor service centre, we repair all brands and types of guitars, everything from changing one string to getting your guitar to play the way you want, inc upgrades and customizations to make it your own. This ensures that the new bridge will stay stuck. These dowels are drilled out in an attempt to remove the bridge-plate. A shear break makes for a difficult repair because it is impossible to rejoin and glue the end grain of a section of wood to another end grain. This caused a split that ran along the grain of the rib. I believe the guitar will now only be used for studio work. It’s seen a few changes to its bridge and finish and needs a lot of work to bring it back to optimum playability. Using this method the issue of the loose neck is easily solved by injecting Hide glue into the join and clamping overnight. Pages Navigation Menu. It had a high playing action and on closer inspection I could see that the neck had been refitted. The guitar neck has been reset at some point, but the fingerboard has not been glued back in place correctly as there is a crack between the fingerboard and body, as detected by this feeler gauge. This particular break is a bad one, it’s a shear break. Once started a Japanese saw is used to precisely cut through the inner lining. This also reveals some of the old repairs and doweled holes. Gibson Country Western 1964 Natural - ON HOLD £3795.00 Rickenbacker 330 £2295.00. Email: Hours: Monday-Saturday 11.00 am – 7.00 pm JPF Amplification is a guitar, bass amp and effects pedal repair company based in Denmark Street, London. It’s had a hard life and had undergone some very strange repairs over the years. Once the back is removed the simplistic ladder-brace system is revealed. The surface of the neck and headstock are burnished and polished and the tuners reinstated. Hide glue is used because it is reversible, this will make the plate easier to remove in later years if necessary. Based in Sutton, South London. Tags: Gibson factory, guitar repairs in London, headstock break, headstock repair, Heritage H 535 Guitar, Kalamazoo. Consequently over time the join has failed again. The join is now gap free and the playing action is as it should be. This is an all Mahogany guitar: Mahogany soundboard, back, ribs and neck.

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