Luck you! You may be asked to join in a toast, so be ready. I wish you a quick recovery. People wish for money, success, health and love. — Today is a day that you are on my mind, so I think of you fondly and wish you well. (You do smoke a lot and I don't like it. You have worked incredibly hard. One of the most popular phrases to say cheers in Italian is ‘tanti auguri,’ which can also be used to wish someone a happy birthday in Italian. Hugs and Kisses and get well wishes. Zum Wohl! German Translation. Lv 4. And as for gifts and cards you may want to send, … There are many good ways you can wish someone a speedy recovery – use one of these special messages. Some people choose to stay at home and cook, and even bake their own cake, while others would rather go out for dinner. Wakarimasen. interjection: Cheers!, Your health!, Cheerio! know that someone is thinking of you. May your road to recovery be quick! So, you would use a different word for greeting your friend than you would for greeting your boss or teacher. Though you don't say "new" when wishing someone a happy new year on Dec. 31 or Jan. 1, you can slip the word in when sending someone a card wishing her well at the end of the holiday season, as in: Tous nos vœux pour cette nouvelle année, ils portent en eux l'expression d'une sincère affection. But in most Italy it is important to use the correct greeting depending on who you are greeting. My heart skipped its beat when I received the news of your ill-health. – General congrats! la bonne sant é noun: good health: Find more words! “Ganbatte ne” (頑張ってね) is the informal expression. — Sometimes I think about you, and fond memories just makes me smile. Have you ever heard good news from an Italian friend and wanted to convey the right level of excitement in Italian, but weren’t sure how to do it? NOT: I wish that tomorrow would be a holiday. Feel better real soon! General Congratulations: – Congratulazioni! If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. 3. Rest well, to walk on the path to good health. Take care of yourselves and stay healthy. All this, of course, is assuming that you and or your friends are religious or observe Christmas but you may want to just wish people happy holidays which would be Buone Feste pronounced “bwon-ay feh-stey.” Another alternative would be to say Tanti auguri di Buone Feste, meaning best wishes for happy holidays and pronounced “Tan-tee ow-goo-ree dee bwon-ay feh-stey”. Saying hello and good-bye. I wish you all the success, happiness, and joy in life. Let's pray all this coronavirus pandemic ends soon. Over 100,000 Italian translations of English words and phrases. In bocca al lupo! (Instead: I wish that tomorrow was a holiday.) Buonasera. A doctor’s consultation and some strong medicines are usually enough to make you feel better when you’re sick. Best wishes and hoping you're feeling yourself again very soon; I can't wait to see that amazing smile of yours again. For the most part it can be used anytime you want to wish someone good health or to get better. In some languages longer, more elaborate toasts are popular. I wish you good health and happiness in life. As you rest and heal, I want you to know you are always in my prayer and thoughts. Take care of yourself and be well soon. It literally means “In the wolf’s mouth” or “Into the wolf’s mouth” but is intended to mean anything from good luck, fingers crossed, break a leg or even face your fears! Easy! I have faith that God will guide you and keep you on the right path. I wish that it would stop raining! I wish you good health and all the best! Wish them with beautiful All The Best Wishes. Click on any of the phrases that are links to hear them spoken. Do yourself justice. I sincerely hope that the situation in the world will improve soon. We don't usually use 'would' when there's no feeling that we want somebody to change their behaviour. It’s always a nice surprise when a foreigner is able to say cheers in the local country’s language. Lv 7. More French words for good health. Sending you the biggest hugs and wishing you love and good health; So sorry to hear you're feeling unwell. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Source(s): good health long life happiness success japanese: Buon dì is yet another variation of buongiorno, although it's not as common, it’s used in the same way. Sending you a special prayer, may God keep you under His care! 20. When someone you know and love is not well or experiencing a mental health crisis, you want to be there for that person. You can use these messages in different ways. I wish that you wouldn't smoke so much! As you’d expect, you should use a polite greeting when you run into someone you know or want to know. Kalí tíhi! 2. Personally, when I want to wish 'take care' in Italian to somebody formally or in a less friendly way, I would say: prenditi cura di te - si prenda cura di lei (courtesy form) abbi cura di te - abbia cura di lei (courtesy form) riguardati - si riguardi (courtesy form) Hope this helps. Sending All The Best Wishes is also a good way of showing your concern. If you can dream it, you can do it. I know I would use the term “tante belle cose,” (many good things) when I said farewell to someone—it is basically wishing someone good things, and can be used normally in passing. Translate I wish you good health and happiness. I hope things clear up soon. Answer: I think most people wish for money the most. When someone you love falls ill, gets in an accident or receives a scary health diagnosis, it’s never easy. Something terrible in English can be ugly as sin; in Italian, that same something is brutto come la fame (ugly as hunger). Auf Ihre Gesundheit! Sending messages in the morning on phone is a good way. 1 decade ago. I want you to change this.) I wish you could tap health from me and remain healthy that I may see your smiles every day at the office. What better way to celebrate with the locals than over a drink? Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. I hope your tail is wagging again soon. I pour my well-wishes like a libation and offer my prayers as a sacrifice for . Recover well, to be strong and sound. by. How to say good health in German. Italian Translation of “wish” | The official Collins English-Italian Dictionary online.