There are other errors of detail. But this was typical of the times. Maskless Chappelle gets into heated argument with an actor and his friends at Four Seasons in Texas after the comedian scolded on of them for getting close without a mask, Kayleigh McEnany's press briefing goes haywire as her maskless baseball player HUSBAND gets into confrontation with photographer for refusing to cover up and pro-Trump podcaster yells 'you crushed it Kayleigh'Â, More than 40 states are investigating Facebook for antitrust violations and plan to sue Zuckerberg's company next weekÂ, 350,000 Californians face MORE power cuts tonight as 75mph winds and dry weather threaten to spark wildfiresÂ, REVEALED: Austin's Democrat mayor told residents to 'stay home' in a video from his CABO vacation home, two days after flying in on a private jet from his daughter's wedding, Lawyer Lin Wood says Trump called to tell him he will 'never concede' - then undermines Georgia Republican Senate candidates by casting doubt on 'another rigged election', Joe Biden says he supports senators' bipartisan $900 billion COVID relief compromise for 'immediate help' in bid to break deadlock over bailout, Newly-pardoned Mike Flynn calls for Trump to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law then order military to hold a re-run election - and claims the alternative is 'CIVIL WAR'Â, Third time unlucky! Now, get back to your posts! An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. I signed an order to restore the pensions and healthcare benefits promise to workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. I remember being very impressed with the line dancing native girls. Indifference is the desire to avoid. and the Zulu's just like "nah, it was fine, no bothers, it was just a thing of its time". Emotional-support animals are BANNED from airplane cabins: Transport department rules only service dogs can travel with their owners and other pets will have to go in the hold for a feeÂ, Security guard, 22, says she was sexually assaulted by prominent NYC priest, 75, who she 'filmed watching gay porn in church rectory', 'Christmas Eve has always been a special occasion for our family': Kate Middleton's mother hints at Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' 'sweet excitement' over Santa Claus visiting, Clinton confidante Doug Band tells how he confronted Bill over his cheating, how ego-driven former president sabotaged Hillary's 2008 run and how Chelsea befriended Ghislaine Maxwell to get access to her yachts and nice homes, College football legend Lou Holtz will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump for 'being a true American patriot' - just weeks after testing positive for COVID-19Â, Gunman who 'abducted Ohio nurse and held her hostage for a week after killing her mother' is shot dead by police in standoff at hotel where he opened fire on FBI agents injuring one, 'COVID risk to ALL Americans is at historic high': Leaked White House report reveals dire post-Thanksgiving warning as nation  records highest single-day death toll since April 30 with 2,597 fatalities, 'The next three months will be the 'most difficult time in US health history': CDC director Robert Redfield warns of 'rough times' ahead with up to 200,000 more deaths by February. Translation Find a translation for this quote in other languages: Select another language: - Select - Joe Biden held a series of high level jobs in the U.S. government. Just us. Mr Hall's book, Zulu: With Some Guts Behind it, has been out of print for ages and fetches in three figures. It’s giving. Pedants point out that some of the rifles are the wrong vintage or the wrong make. ‘I feel sick,’ says Lt Bromhead (Caine), ‘and ashamed.’, Zulu stuck resolutely to its historical integrity, one of the last blockbusters of its kind to dare to exclude American stars from what was essentially a British story. TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: It's been obvious for decades now that the Biden family has gotten rich from selling influence abroad. Your self-care is your responsibility, nobody else’s. The defenders — outnumbered by more than 25 to one against 4,000 Zulus — fall back, regroup, hold their ground, fight their attackers hand-to-hand to a standstill, and win the day, but only just. If anything, we’re better. Because somebody, if you’re here, you got to like Trump, because we’re working on getting their pensions taken care of, because they were taken advantage of. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Though the outside world voiced disapproval of apartheid, it had not yet made South Africa the pariah state it would soon become, boycotted and out-of-bounds. I saw Zulu on its first run when I was nine on a giant screen in the afternoon with my pals. Men don’t like it because the person they married is gone. This in itself was noteworthy. A remake of Zulu today would be drenched in so much blood it might prove unwatchable. Gauls? It reappears regularly on television, particularly at high days and holidays. For 99.99 percent of the people in the world, no one will hear their stories, but they’re just as important as everyone else’s. The Egyptian theater in LA had a Caine series in the late 90s, he couldn't attend any of the screenings but agreed to be filmed for an interview. But Zulu itself stuck resolutely to its historical integrity, one of the last blockbusters of its kind to dare to exclude American stars from what was essentially a British story. Just us. One of the many memorable battle scenes as the hopelessly outnumbered British take on wave after wave of Zulu warriors. "Don't you throw those bloody spears at me! Yet the absence of gore, far from diminishing Zulu, adds to its greatness. Elsewhere, Hollywood was insisting on catapulting Americans into our war films. No wonder this was a film the South African government made sure its black population would never get to see for themselves. The real Hook’s ageing daughter left the premiere in disgust when she saw her model soldier father’s reputation trashed. The British retreated in disarray, and the victorious Zulus marched forward to menace the borders of British South Africa, only to be stopped heroically at Rorke’s Drift. An excuse was invented to invade Zululand and an easy victory expected. As the smoke of guns disperses over the final battle scene, the British soldiers stare in horror at the piled-up bodies of Zulu around their sand-bagged last redoubt. Because we're here, lad. “There’s nobody else who can tell us who we are, where we belong,” he said. Hancock praises 'very good' COVID-19 news, Blind husky finally gathers courage to jump down from step, MP Charles Walker says 'not all deaths are equal' in Commons, PM hints to look at each local county efforts when reviewing Tiers, Matt Hancock says he would take vaccine despite having had Covid, Brazilian bank robbers leave cash strewn across streets as getaway, Distressing aftermath scene of car ramming into people in Trier, Cat accompanies firefighters to stand guard every day for years, Hot air balloon worker plunges to his death after high winds, Hancock offers to take Covid vaccine live on TV with Piers Morgan, Man arrested following stabbing in Marks and Spencer Burnley store. Newer », This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments. I actually don't remember where the battle took place) used pretty much the same battle chants as the Zulu warriors in this movie. 6. The producers were also forbidden from paying wages to the 500 local black men and women they used as extras for the Zulu army — a stricture they got round by giving them the herd of cattle used on set. One of the most misunderstood facts about human emotion is this: fear does not mean desire to avoid. I love the film because it allows a white, British, upper-middle class man like me to be a hero, for once in a movie (after 1940, and not written by Shakespeare...). I've always divorced the film from history or politics and focused on the core plot: The vastly outnumbered group defending a post against an overwhelming force. On this day 132 years ago the two of the most memorable actions of the Zulu war took place The Battle of Isandlwana and the Battle of Rorke's Drift. Lt. Chard: Colour Sergeant. He’s the only one speaking a different language than everyone else just following the rules. In a pandemic, we’re almost even with where we were before the pandemic started, and nobody would have said that was possible — nobody at all. A typical weblog is one person posting their thoughts on the unique things they find on the web. Which sounds an awful lot like the Roman Pilum, doesn't it? Nobody else. But 1,300 men of the first column to enter were cut to pieces at Isandlwana. What happened yes in the beginning it seemed like wow are we crazy, are we just seeing something else that nobody else is seeing and then it turned out later on that. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, 'It's statistically impossible that I lost': White House releases 46 minute 'address' by Trump complaining about losing the election and pleading with Supreme Court to OVERTURN Biden's victory, Do NOT travel for Christmas: CDC tells all Americans to cancel holiday plans as hospitalizations reach a record 100,226, deaths hit their highest point since April and Biden warns another 250,000 will die by January, San Francisco bans tobacco smoking and vaping inside all apartment buildings in the city - but pot use is ALLOWED, Arizona's Republican Gov. Richard Burton’s voice thundered out the narration. No pleasure in killing. The Zulus finally withdraw, but not before delivering a haunting song in tribute to the courage of the Britons. Cast and crew were warned that having sex with non-whites was illegal and would result in prosecution, imprisonment and a lashing. andrew miller 21 November 2020 Reply. This is more than black and white; Southern Africa could have been anyone's; the English made it just over Zulu and Dutch, had Rorke's Drift been different, Africa would be, maybe for the better - then again maybe not. Even if we don’t find the victim, we’re removing hundreds, if not thousands, of images that would otherwise still be online. October 23, 2014 7:17 PM Subscribe. No hint of glory. Over two and a half years — we’re almost up to three — but this was done and calculated only as of two and a half, and it’s only gone up since then — we’re … The battle is re-fought like no other single incident in Britain’s imperial history. I don’t think we’re going to need it because it looks like we’re plateauing and maybe even, in many cases, coming down. Everybody has a story, and they’re all fascinating. That it’s actually for the person we’re marrying. Despite the terrible bloodshed, there is honour on both sides — and a lump in the throats of those of us watching this masterpiece of British film-making even for the umpteenth time. Amazingly, the film he co-produced with its lead actor, Baker, manages to remain neutral about Britain’s much-maligned imperial heritage. He said he knew he had something special in Derek Jeter because Jeter still hadn't shaved. If you’re a leftist, don’t get mad at Rogan because he’s doing well. Just us. I guess I am getting forgetful in my old age. Once again, our blood chilled at the fast-approaching rumble of fists pounding on cowhide shields. Yeah, won't somebody please think of the reputations of guys who went halfway around the world to kill people and take their lands for the sin of not being white?